The History of Harry Goode's Outdoor Shop

1231 E. New Haven Avenue Since 1946

harry goodeHarry Goode Sr. was a descendant of Jesse and Richard W. Goode who were one of the founding families of Melbourne, Florida. He enjoyed fishing and worked in a fishing store before going to serve in World War II. After returning from the war, he started his own fishing business out of his garage then relocated to the present site of 1231 E. New Haven Avenue in 1946. His wife, Katharine Goode, kept the books and did reports and orders. Harry rented half of the building while Brooks Paint and Glass occupied the other half. When Brooks Paint and Glass relocated, Harry obtained their half and opened a Schwinn Bike Shop which was in business until 1993 when they decided to expand their fishing line.

Some of the original products sold at the Harry Goode’s Outdoor Shop were guns, rifles, ammunition, 3 wheel bikes, cane poles, lanterns, knives, Shakespeare fishing rods and rigs, Pflueger fishing tackle and archery equipment.

Harry had some unique trademarks down at the store. He often weighed catches on a back scale then he would trace the outline of the fish with chalk on the floor and sidewalks. Often fisherman would stop by the store and share their catch with him. Harry hosted a well known fishing contest and he gave away over $1000.00 in merchandise as prizes. He did a daily radio report which gave tide reports as well as what was running and where the best spots to fish were. His motto was “fish more, live longer”!

Harry Goode retired in the 70’s but still visited the store. He spent summers in Franklin, NC, wrote a book, gardened, painted and enjoyed life. His sons, Harry C. Goode Jr. and Richard W. Goode Sr. took over the store. In 1988 Harry’s grandson, Richard W. Goode Jr. came to work at the store. Harry Goode’s Outdoor Shop continues to be a family business that provides integrity, superior customer service, product availability and loyalty to its customers the way that Harry did back in 1946.